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Asad Umar-Politician and Co founder Engro Management Services

Asad Umar

Asad Umar is a Pakistani politician and businessman who currently serves as the Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives in the government of Pakistan. He was born on September 8, 1961, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Before entering politics, Asad Umar had a successful career in the corporate sector. He worked for multinational companies in Pakistan and abroad and held senior management positions in various industries, including oil, gas, and finance.

Asad Umar entered politics in 2012 and joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, led by Imran Khan. He was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan in the 2013 general election and was re-elected in 2018. He has served as the Minister of Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs, as well as the Minister of Planning and Development in the government of Pakistan.

As the Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, Asad Umar is responsible for overseeing Pakistan’s economic development and implementing the government’s development plans. He has also played a key role in the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as the head of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), which oversees Pakistan’s pandemic response.

Asad Umar is widely regarded as an expert in economic and financial affairs. He has been a vocal proponent of economic reforms and has advocated for measures to promote investment and economic growth in Pakistan. He is considered one of the most influential politicians in Pakistan and is known for his pragmatic approach to governance.
He did have a successful career in the corporate sector before entering politics, and he has been involved in several business ventures over the years.
In the early 1990s, Asad Umar co-founded a management consulting firm called Engro Management Services, which later became part of the Engro Corporation, a Pakistani conglomerate with interests in the fertilizers, chemicals, and energy sectors. Asad Umar served as the CEO of Engro Corporation from 2004 to 2012, and during his tenure, the company underwent significant growth and expansion.
After leaving Engro, Asad Umar became involved in several other business ventures. In 2012, he co-founded a startup called Thinkequity, which aimed to provide financial advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses in Pakistan. The venture did not ultimately succeed, and Asad Umar left the company in 2013 to focus on his political career.
In recent years, Asad Umar has focused primarily on his political and government work, rather than entrepreneurship. However, his background in the corporate sector and his experience as a business leader have undoubtedly informed his approach to policy making and economic development in Pakistan.