Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

Hussain Dawood-Chairman of Engro Group, Dawood Hercules Chemicals.

Hussain Dawood

Hussain Dawood born to a wealthy family and business legacy, Hussain Dawood’s achievements in life are numerous. His present day formal engagements tell his tale to a certain extent only because he spent a rich life and continues to work very hard for betterment of his people.

Currently, he is chairman of Engro Group, Dawood Hercules Chemicals, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and Karachi Education Initiative. He is also serving as Honorary Consul of Italy in Lahore. He is also Pakistan’s first member in World Economic Forum and member of boards of Commonwealth Business Council, Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan Business Council and Pakistan Council of Philanthropy. He is also recipient of Italian Republic Award.

Amid having all the opportunities in the world to live comfortably anywhere in the world, Mr. Hussain always believed and worked for Pakistan. His belief in Pakistan’s potential remains undeterred. This is strongly manifested by his devoted work to establish Karachi Education Initiative (KEI) which has recently founded Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL).

His business ventures are among the top performing business houses in Pakistan and have achieved marvelous success under his visionary leadership.

While whole world is contemplating whether Pakistan is a failed state, Mr. Hussain continues to invest and work in this country. These are some of achievements by his companies under his visionary leadership:
In 2010, Engro Group started manufacturing from World’s largest Urea Plant
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is World Bank’s largest microfinance initiative
Karachi School of Business & Leadership has recently entered in strategic partnership with Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Mr. Hussain Dawood is a true inspiration to upcoming business leaders and youth of Pakistan.