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Agha Hassan Abedi-Inspiring successes like BCCI

Agha Hassan Abedi

His name is synonymous with BCCI and UBL. He was a true entrepreneur who worked hard and created awe-inspiring successes like BCCI, which rose to become World’s 7th largest private banking organization.

He is still remembered and revered by many for his contribution as a philanthropist for many Pakistani institutions like Foundation for Advancement of Science & Technology (FAST) which is now operating National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Pakistan’s first multicampus university. Also his contribution in setting up INFAQ foundation which established GIK Institute of Engineering will always be remembered.

Agha Hassan Abedi was considered a controversial figure by many western governments perhaps because they could not digest the amazing success of a Pakistani! But Agha Hassan Abedi continued working hard and nothing stopped him from envisioning great ventures for Pakistan.

Today’s generation need to see what our amazing entrepreneurs like Agha Hassan Abedi stood for and how strongly they believed in this land and ability of its people.

Pakistan’s business leaders will always inspire from a person like Agha Hassan Abedi.