Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

Iqbal Qarshi-Founder of Qarshi Foundaion

Iqbal Qarshi

He is son of one of the most famous hakims of his time in Indo Pak subcontinent. He not only worked to keep his father’s work but also established in on modern lines creating one of the largest food businesses in the country.

Mr. Iqbal Qarshi did Masters in Chemical Engineering and established a small organization which mainly produced herbal medicines. That small organization which became its journey in 1968 as Qarshi Dawakhana is today one of the largest producers of herbal medicines in Pakistan and also owns nationally and internationally famed FMCG brands like ‘Jam e Shirin’ and ‘Johar Joshanda’.

Production facilities of Qarshi Industries emphasize heavily on indigenous research and have achieved various international certifications. As organization, it is run on modern management principles. These steps have enabled Qarshi Industries to successfully compete with leading global FMCGs, which operate in Pakistan in different product categories. Its brands spend extensively on advertising and are popular among masses for their quality.

With these amazing entrepreneurial success, Mr Iqbal Qarshi also worked on philanthropy to give back to society and help those in need. He founded Qarshi Foundation in 1994.

Mr Iqbal Qarshi is also President for World Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistan (WWF-P).