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Hanif Rajput-Truly a example of achieving success by hard work

Hanif Rajput

Hanif Rajput life is truly a story of achieving success by hard work, commitment and devotion despite having humble origins. Mr Hanif Rajput started off very modestly and grew his catering business to national level and today his legacy lives on in form of a group of companies that has a diverse and successful business portfolio.

Hanif Rajput’s family was a modest one and he himself wanted to become an engineer. He went abroad with help of one his relatives with the intention of studying engineering. There he learned of other opportunities and skills which he found to be appealing more than his childhood dream of becoming an eingineer. He worked hard during his stay in UK and learned how to deal with customers, how to offer them quality catering service during a catering course and several part time jobs. When he came back to Pakistan, he worked as an employee of Avari Hotels and proved his skills by arranging some very successful events. He got better and better at event management, customer service and related business functions. He decided to start off his own business which was running a simple canteen. He later expanded his business by arranging functions and events off and on.

One thing which is interesting and sort of unique about his story is that there was no magic or jackpot. It was only true perseverance and commitment to his work and finding ingenuous yet commercially attractive solutions to problems his business faced. One example is that when military government launched a drive to keep weddings particularly catering and spending on food simple, he came up with a customized menu which would fulfill regulatory requirement and also be attractive for his customers. It became so famous that during those days of restricted business opportunities when his business was supposed to shrink, it grew and grew very quickly to become a national brand.

A company whose founder started working with small functions and parties is now having a complete network and can manage practically any kind of function and event.