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M A Habib-Successful Business Icon

M A Habib

One of the most successful industrial groups in Indo-Pak subcontinent at the time of partition in 1947 was Habib Group. This group was legacy of a successful business icon, Habib Esmail who had multiple business concerns in different parts of world. One of his sons, MuhammadAli Habib (or M A Habib) re-energized his family businesses on modern lines. He was a devoted Pakistani who helped the newly founded country with large amounts of cash. This magnanamous donation was in response to call of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and was made at the time when his own businesses were being re-organized and needed more resources.

M A Habib and his companies, for generations to come continued supporting various noble causes particularly in education. Today, the businesses of M A Habib are growing further and also keep coming up with newer means of philanthropy. Official website of House of Habib chronicles the life and achievements of this Amazing Pakistani entrepreneur. Also, the official website of Habib University Foundation details the philanthropic projects particularly for youth by House of Habib.