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Shakeel Ahmed Meer-Chairman Mega Success Pakistan, IBD, UK-SBN, MSI Group

Shakeel Ahmed Meer

Shakeel Ahmed Meer was born in a middle class family in a small village of AJK. He was a very bright and peculiarly restless student through his early education. He had keen interest in science from a very young age and wanted to be an engineer.

Fast forward to his early adulthood, Meer graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Soon afterwards, he worked as a production engineer in a local firm for a year but felt that there was something still missing. He moved to the U.K. and did his masters from Glasgow University in Manufacturing Management, which lead to a job in a Glasgow based engineering firm.

Throughout his educational journey, Meer worked hard to pay for his education. He would sometimes take as long as 18 hrs shift without a second thought crossing his mind. He continued his job for a couple of years when he realised that his vision of doing something big could not be fulfilled without starting his own business. Over the next couple of years, his struggle continued & his big break came when he managed to sell one of his businesses for 10 million dollars!

Shakeel Ahmad meer is an energetic business guide, business visionary and persuasive mentor, and a true Pakistani entrepreneur, who brings unrivaled energy, assurance, and a demeanor of ‘Get it Going’ to convey business targets.

He is a business mentor and inspirational orator and Responsible for teaching and persuading thousands of individuals to go into business. His goal is to assist local youth with beginning business stages and help them become money managers with his program BIG SUCCESS.