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Seema Taher Khan- CEO and Creative Head for TV One, News One, and WASEB

Seema Taher Khan

Mrs. Seema Taher Khan helped establish “Interflow Communications” with her better half Mr. Taher A. Khan. At present, she is heading the Interflow Group’s electronic TV slots, TVONE, News One, and WasebTV as the CEO, and is likewise the Group’s Public Services Division head.
TV One CEO Seema Taher Khan has been producing content for the last 16 years and staunchly believes that in this day and age, Pakistan cannot afford entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

She joined the TV industry in 2005 with a background in visual art and graphic design and almost three decades in advertising and is now the CEO and creative head for TV One, News One, and WASEB where she has strived not to make her channels strictly follow the “formula of commercialism”.

While she claims there is no set alternative formula, her initial vision for her channels was to “enlighten, educate, empower and then entertain”. While she says this vision has evolved with time, she continues to generate content that tries to balance commercial success, mass appeal, and social messaging