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Noorain Khan- Social Entrepreneur

Noorain Khan

Noorain Khan is a talented individual with an impressive background in social entrepreneurship and law. She is currently a SOROS Fellow at Yale Law School, where she is pursuing her legal education. Prior to this, she worked at the Ford Foundation, where she specialized in M&A, Corporate Governance, and funds practice.

Before joining the Ford Foundation, Noorain Khan was the CEO and co-founder of Teach for All, an independent social enterprise that works to provide educational opportunities in different countries around the world. She played a key role in the development and growth of Teach for All, which has become a global movement with over 50 partner organizations in more than 50 countries.

Noorain Khan has also been involved in various other initiatives related to education and social justice. For example, she has worked with the US State Department to promote an understanding of Islam and Muslim cultures in the United States. She has also been a fellow at the Aspen Institute and a trustee of the Kresge Foundation.

Overall, Noorain Khan’s business niche is in the area of social entrepreneurship and education. She has a deep commitment to promoting social justice and improving educational opportunities for people around the world. Her impressive background in law and business has helped her to be successful in her various roles, and she is widely recognized as a leader in the field of social entrepreneurship