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Ayyan Raheel-Google certified digital marketer

Ayyan Raheel

Ayyan Raheel is an underrated Pakistani entrepreneur, who has already set his feet into the market with a course generating viewership in millions. Ayyan is a Google certified digital marketer with multiple business ventures across the web. He’s also known as one of the best marketers due to the success of his flagship projects, the caliber of the client he works with, and his creative flexibility across all mediums.

Ayyan came into spot-light in 2019. When he was appointed by Sarmad Khoosat for the marketing of his film and In 2020 for the success of his best seller content book and social media program “ Social Tycoon “ He has been into online marketing when he was just seventeen. Ayyan Raheel’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners to dominate their niche and get the exposure they deserve. According to a social media post, He’s working on his dream project. which will help millions of Pakistani’s make easy money without any extra work or technical knowledge required.