Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

Salma Rahim – Founder of Zardozi Bridal Wear

Salma Rahim the founder of Zardozi Bridal Wear. She belonged to a village in Bahawalpur. She is a passionate and determined lady. Her fortitude and courage let her find a place in the list of top 10 entrepreneurs in Pakistan who achieved big at a young age.

In her village, women were taught the embroidery skill from childhood. They used to make embroidered bridal dresses, pillow covers, and bedsheets. It all started when Salma Rahim went to a vocational institute to find a job as a trainer. But unfortunately, she was asked to submit 40,000 rupees which she couldn’t afford.

Fate had planned something bigger for Salma Rahim. Salma Rahim met the fashion designer Shaiyanne Malik, who gave her training to use her embroidery work for generating a handsome income. Salma along with her sisters started doing work under the supervision of this fashion designer. In 3 years, they understood the work and launched the Zardozi Bridal Wear. They provided training to women of the village for zardozi work and thus expanded their work with time.

Salma received the Award for Social Enterprise due to her successful efforts.