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Ammara Khan- Luxury Fashion Designer

Ammara Khan

Ammara Khan is a renowned Pakistani fashion designer who is best known for her luxury pret and bridal wear collections. She is based in Lahore, Pakistan, and has gained recognition for her unique and elegant designs that are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

Ammara Khan launched her fashion label in 2009 and has since then showcased her designs at various fashion events in Pakistan and internationally. Her designs are known for their intricate detailing, luxurious fabrics, and use of traditional techniques such as intricate hand embroidery and embellishments.

In addition to bridal wear, Ammara Khan also offers luxury pret and formal wear collections, which are popular choices among women who prefer modern yet traditional attire. She has also collaborated with various brands and has designed collections for the lawn brand Alkaram Studio.

Ammara Khan has won several awards for her contributions to the fashion industry, including the Best Bridal Designer award at the Lux Style Awards. Her designs have been worn by numerous celebrities and she continues to be a prominent figure in the Pakistani fashion industry.