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Sahr Said-Rising Star in Pakistan’s Startup Ecosystem

Sahr Said

Sahr Said is a Pakistani entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Beauty Hooked, a beauty services platform based in Lahore, Pakistan. She founded the company in 2016 to solve the challenges that women in Pakistan face when trying to find and book beauty services.

Sahr Said completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Lahore School of Economics in 2014. After graduation, she worked in the fashion and beauty industry in Pakistan before starting her own company.

Beauty Hooked offers an online platform and mobile app that allows users to browse and book appointments with beauty professionals in their area. The company also provides beauty tips and product recommendations through its blog and social media channels.

Under Sahr Said’s leadership, Beauty Hooked has grown rapidly, with thousands of customers and over 100 employees. The company has received several awards and recognitions, including being named one of the “Top 10 Startups to Watch” by the National Incubation Center Pakistan in 2018.

Sahr Said is seen as one of the rising stars in Pakistan’s startup ecosystem, and she has been recognized for her contributions to entrepreneurship and innovation. In 2019, she was named to Forbes Asia’s “30 Under 30” list, which recognizes young entrepreneurs who are driving change and making an impact in their industries.

Aside from being the founder and CEO of Beauty Hooked, Sahr Said is also a vocal advocate for women in the tech and startup industry in Pakistan. She is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs and bridging the gender gap in the business world. In an interview with Forbes, she stated that she hopes to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs and to create a more inclusive startup ecosystem in Pakistan.

Sahr Said has also been actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan through various initiatives. She has been a mentor and judge for several startup competitions and accelerators in Pakistan, including the National Incubation Center and the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Center for Entrepreneurship. She is also a frequent speaker at tech and entrepreneurship events in Pakistan and has shared her insights on topics such as building a successful startup, raising funding, and scaling a business.

In addition to her work with Beauty Hooked and her contributions to the startup ecosystem in Pakistan, Sahr Said is also involved in social and philanthropic causes. She is a founding member of the Lahore chapter of Women in Tech Pakistan, a community that aims to connect, empower, and inspire women in the tech industry. She has also volunteered with several organizations that provide education and healthcare services to underprivileged communities in Pakistan.