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Sadruddin Hashwani-leading figures in Hospitality Industry

Sadruddin Hashwani

His faith in Pakistan was put to test recently when two of his investments in Hospitality were targeted in one of Pakistan’s worst terrorism attacks. Despite huge losses, his resolve in this country was undeterred and he vowed to rebuild it all over. He did it and while he rebuilt what was destroyed, he set an amazing example by not firing any of his employee amid all the losses and financial tragedy he had to suffer.

Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani started from Cotton trading business in 1960 and today his industrial group is among the largest groups in the country with portfolio as diversified as Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, IT, ceramics and Pharmaceuticals. He has grown through hard work and intelligent business practices which are hallmarks of his success story. Today he is known to be the leading figures in hospitality industry around the world and has been honored with various awards including a gold medal for distinguished services for hospitality industry in Pakistan at World Tourism convention.

Pearl Continental Hotels and Marriot Hotels operated by his group are industry standard for hospitality industry in Pakistan.

Mr. Hashwani’s group also expanded into social entrepreneurship where it created worldwide laurels.