Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

Ammar Mumtaz- Owner Of Burning Brownie

Ammar Mumtaz

Ammar Mumtaz is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is the founder of Burning Brownie, a bakery and café that specializes in chocolate brownies, cupcakes, and coffee. Mumtaz’s love for chocolate and baking began with a year of research and trial and error, which led him to develop the perfect recipe for brownies. He started baking for family and friends before turning it into a business by creating a Facebook page and selling his products at a local petrol pump tuck shop.

Despite the tough competition in the market, Mumtaz managed to make a name for himself by using high-quality imported chocolates and fresh ingredients while keeping his prices low. This strategy helped him generate enough profits to open his own café in Beverly Centre, Islamabad. With his creative partner, Mohammad Hussain, he offers customized cakes priced at a minimum of Rs1,200 per pound and regular cakes for Rs1,000.

Mumtaz is also planning to expand his menu to include savory snacks and is keen to master the art of making chocolate from scratch. Before pursuing his passion for culinary arts, he plans to travel to France, Italy, Belgium, and Hong Kong to learn more about the craft. With his hard work and dedication, Mumtaz has managed to turn his passion for baking into a successful business that continues to grow.