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Sabeen Mahmud-Founder of The Second Floor (T2F) and Social Activist

Sabeen Mahmud

Sabeen Mahmud was a Pakistani entrepreneur, social activist, and founder of The Second Floor (T2F), a cultural and intellectual space in Karachi. She was known for her efforts to promote free speech and cultural exchange in Pakistan, and for her work to empower women and minorities.

Sabeen Mahmud was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1974. She attended the Karachi Grammar School and later studied computer science at the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology. After completing her education, she worked as a software engineer for several years before turning to entrepreneurship.

In 2007, Sabeen Mahmud founded The Second Floor (T2F), a cafe and cultural space in Karachi that quickly became a hub for artists, intellectuals, and activists. T2F hosted a wide range of events, including poetry readings, music performances, and political debates, and served as a platform for free expression and cultural exchange in Pakistan.

In addition to her work at T2F, Sabeen Mahmud was involved in several social and political causes in Pakistan. She was a vocal advocate for women’s rights, and worked to empower women and girls through education and entrepreneurship. She was also a supporter of minority rights, and spoke out against discrimination and violence against religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan.

Sabeen Mahmud’s work as an entrepreneur and social activist earned her widespread recognition and admiration in Pakistan and beyond. In 2015, she was tragically killed by unknown assailants in Karachi, sparking a wave of grief and outrage across the country. Her legacy, however, continues to inspire others to follow in her footsteps and work for a more just and equitable Pakistan.