Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

Saad Jangda-Co-Founder Bazaar Technologies

Saad Jangda

A B2B marketplace that provides merchants with the ability to procure inventories at a standard price and choose from a wide catalog, Bazaar is available in Karachi and Lahore. Bazaar’s suite of digital products empowers merchants to simplify and grow their businesses. It is currently serving 5 million merchants across Pakistan.

While talking to TechCrunch about Bazaar’s future in the country, Saad Jangda, Co-Founder Bazaar Technologies, said, “Bazaar is going after a massive opportunity with the ultimate aim of creating a generational story in and from Pakistan. In a country with incredible talent and huge market opportunity, it’s about time we create an inspirational story that brings together the country’s best talent who can go on to create many such stories in the future.”

Policies that focus on giant companies providing one percent of their profits to the start-ups and tax exemptions to the companies investing in start-ups could propel Pakistan’s entrepreneurial landscape in the right direction. With the amount of talent advantage that Pakistan has currently, Pakistani startups are well-positioned to dominate all major industries in Pakistan and also expand to MENA.