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Nabila Maqsood- Pioneer Of State-Of-the-art salons

Nabila Maqsood

Internationally recognized, award-winning Salon, NABILA has emerged as a pioneer with its state-of-the-art salons and miraculous image-related solutions. Steered by research and development, inventing hybrids for style and fashion by nurturing an extensive network of clients. Nabila has been a trendsetter to leaders, opinion makers, and style aficionados.

Nabila Maqsood is an acclaimed award-winning stylist from Pakistan spearheading a montage of salons, styling high-profile projects, and retailing image-related solutions in her home ground for 35 years. She is also credited for setting benchmarks in Pakistan’s style industry by mentoring and grooming new talent.
Nabila Maqsood opened her first salon in May 1986 in Karachi, and through “sheer” hard work, she is the tremendous name we as a whole know today. Nabila is considered an essential aspect of the design business of Pakistan. She has been related to the design world for as far back as 20 years or something like that. Anyway, she doesn’t let that impede her business; she has extended her salon all over Pakistan and has as of late opened a men’s salon, “N-Gents,” as well as a Nail Salon.
she is the founder of Nabila’s, a chain of salons that have expanded across Pakistan. In addition to her salons, she has also launched a men’s salon and a nail salon.

Nabila Maqsood is known for her innovative and creative approach to hair and makeup. She has worked with numerous celebrities and has been a part of many high-profile events in Pakistan. She has also received several awards for her contributions to the fashion and beauty industry.

Besides her work in the beauty industry, Nabila Maqsood is also involved in social and charitable causes. She has collaborated with various organizations to promote education and healthcare in Pakistan. Overall, Nabila Maqsood is a well-respected figure in Pakistan, known for her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy