Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

Inam Akbar – CEO/Founder of Midas Group

Inam Akbar’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1985 when he joined Midas (Pvt.) Limited, a company destined to become one of the largest advertising agencies in Pakistan. In his early years, Inam wore many hats, serving as a writer, business manager, marketer, and administrator. His versatility and dedication paved the way for his significant contributions to the company and the industry.

In 1988, Inam took a bold step by relocating to Karachi to launch Midas Karachi. This move marked a pivotal moment in his career as he ventured into political advertising, managing the campaign for the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) under the leadership of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Begum Nusrat Bhutto during the elections that year. Despite facing formidable challenges and opposition, Akbar’s innovative campaign strategies, endorsed by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto herself, led to a victorious outcome, solidifying his reputation in the advertising world.

This initial success in political advertising was just the beginning. Inam’s career trajectory continued to ascend as he assumed the role of CEO of Midas Group in 1993. Under his leadership, the company expanded its operations, establishing multiple subsidiary companies across various media sectors, including advertising, electronic media, print media publications, marketing, and audiovisual production.

The impact of Midas Group under Inam Akbar’s leadership has been profound, shaping Pakistan’s media landscape and influencing the socio-political environment. The company’s innovative campaigns have played a crucial role in key industries such as real estate and the social sector, pioneering media-based campaigning strategies that have become standard practice.

Akbar’s inspiration to become an entrepreneur was driven by a desire for freedom to innovate and make a meaningful impact. The early stages of his journey were fraught with challenges, including limited resources and a nascent media landscape. Navigating the complexities of political and business environments required courage and a deep understanding of media dynamics. Establishing Midas Karachi and successfully managing the PPP’s political campaign were significant milestones that reinforced his belief in the power of communication and laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Today, Inam Akbar’s legacy is one of resilience, innovation, and profound impact. His contributions to Pakistan’s media and advertising industry continue to inspire new generations of entrepreneurs and media professionals.