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Imran Moinuddin- Founder & CEO of NexDegree

Imran Moinuddin

Imran is the founder & CEO of NexDegree. Through his firm, he has helped both large enterprises & startups alike in coming up with data management strategies thereby driving better value to downstream customers. Imran holds a degree in computer science from Stanford University and is the founding president of the Stanford Club of Pakistan.

While in the US, Imran worked as a research analyst and consultant for a biometrics consulting firm in New York City where his clients included both private and government institutions such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and Honeywell.

Besides NexDegree he has also co-founded startups in cleantech, computer vision, health, and fintech.

In 2013, he also co-founded Karachi’s first technology incubator / co-working space, DotZero, to help aspiring entrepreneurs to launch, fund, run and succeed in their businesses.Later on expanding into Dotzero Ventures focusing on early stage/angel investments.

He has also served as an advisor and mentor to other incubators and angel groups such as Nest I/O & Planet-N.