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Yusuf Haroon- co-Founder Dawn, Pakistan’s oldest and largest English-language newspaper

Yusuf Haroon

Yusuf Haroon was a prominent Pakistani businessman, entrepreneur, and politician, who played a significant role in the development of the country’s media industry and political landscape.

Haroon was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1918, and came from a family of influential politicians and businessmen. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Bombay, and later completed his law degree from the University of London.

In 1941, Haroon co-founded Dawn, Pakistan’s oldest and largest English-language newspaper, which became a leading voice for independent journalism and freedom of speech in the country. He served as the Chairman of the Dawn Group of Newspapers for many years, and also played a key role in the establishment of several other media outlets, including the Pakistan Herald.

In addition to his contributions to the media industry, Haroon was also involved in politics, and served in several key positions in the government. He was a member of the All India Muslim League, and later joined the Pakistan People’s Party, where he served as a Senator and a Minister in various cabinets.

Apart from his work in the media and politics, Haroon was also a philanthropist and supporter of education and social welfare activities. He established several charitable organizations, including the Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Memorial Trust and the Mariam Haroon Girls College, which aimed to promote education and cultural exchange programs in Pakistan.

Overall, Yusuf Haroon’s entrepreneurial success and contributions to the development of the media industry and political landscape in Pakistan have made him a highly respected and revered figure in the country’s business and social history. His legacy continues to inspire and motivate generations of entrepreneurs, journalists, and politicians in Pakistan and beyond.