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Rabeel Warraich- Founder of Sarmayacar

Rabeel Warraich

Rabeel Warraich is a successful entrepreneur and investor with a diverse professional background. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in economics and later pursued a Master’s degree in finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

After completing his studies, he started his career in investment banking, working for prestigious firms such as Morgan Stanley and Citigroup. He also gained experience in private wealth management at Convergent Wealth Advisors, where he advised high-net-worth individuals and families on their investment portfolios.

In 2017, Rabeel founded Sarmayacar, a seed-stage venture capital fund based in Pakistan, aimed at supporting local entrepreneurs and startups. Sarmayacar has made investments in several promising startups in Pakistan, including Airlift, Bazaar, Cheetay, and Mauqa Online. Rabeel’s work with Sarmayacar has earned him recognition as a key player in Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.

Currently, Rabeel is a Vice President at GIC Investment Management, a private equity firm based in London. His role involves managing investments in a variety of sectors, including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Overall, Rabeel Warraich is a highly accomplished individual with a wealth of experience in finance, investment banking, and venture capital. He has a passion for supporting startups and helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life, and has already made a significant impact on Pakistan’s startup scene through his work with Sarmayacar.