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Nadeem Mandviwalla-Pakistani entrepreneur and businessman

Nadeem Mandviwalla

Nadeem Mandviwalla is a Pakistani entrepreneur and businessman. He was born on August 27, 1958, in Karachi, Pakistan. Mandviwalla completed his early education in Karachi and went on to study business administration from the University of San Francisco.

After completing his education, Nadeem Mandviwalla started his career in the film industry. He established the Mandviwalla Entertainment, which is a chain of cinemas in Pakistan. Mandviwalla Entertainment is one of the leading cinema chains in Pakistan, with several cinemas located in major cities across the country. The company is known for introducing new technologies and innovations in the cinema industry in Pakistan.

Apart from his cinema business, Nadeem Mandviwalla is also involved in various other ventures. He has established the Mandviwalla & Zafar, which is a law firm providing legal services to clients in Pakistan and internationally. He has also established the Mandviwalla Foundation, which focuses on providing education and healthcare facilities to underprivileged communities in Pakistan.

Nadeem Mandviwalla has been actively involved in promoting the development of the film industry in Pakistan. He has served as the chairman of the Pakistan Film Distributors Association and has also been a member of various committees of the Central Board of Film Censors. He has been instrumental in the revival of the cinema industry in Pakistan and has worked towards creating a more favorable environment for the film industry in the country.

Nadeem Mandviwalla has received several awards and recognitions for his contributions to the cinema industry and business sector in Pakistan. He was awarded the Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan in 2013, in recognition of his services to the country.