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Salaina Haroon- Co-Founder Of Rasala, Author and Overseer Of Communique Collective

Salaina Haroon

Liable for building and overseeing human resources just as developing her advertising business, Salina Haroon is a business visionary who prompts driving partnerships on approaches to bring advancement and imagination into their corporate societies. Salina Haroon is the Editor in head of CIO Pakistan, and the author and overseer of Communique Collective. CIO is the most prominent business innovation initiative magazine on the planet. Report Collective is an advertising firm that manages small and medium undertakings, both locally and globally.
Salaina Harroon is a professor at Greenwich University in Karachi. She teaches courses in Entrepreneurship, Business Innovation, Brand Management, and Media Marketing. After attending up to 6th Form Education at Dubai College (U.A.E), Salaina Haroon graduated BS (Hons) in Marketing from South-eastern University, USA (Karachi Campus) in 1996 and gained an Associate Degree in Journalism (Via DL Program) in 1998. Subsequently, from 1998 to 2000 she attended the Entire LLB Course at Sindh Muslim Law College.

Salaina is also the co-founder of Rasala Publications Group, which has been involved in the media technology sector almost ever since the IT industry took shape in Pakistan in 2000. Rasala is a well-known business entity in the local technology industry. Its commitment and dedication to supporting the local ICT industry came into effect even before most people understood what it meant to have an industry.

Rasala Publications owned and operated five technology publications, under the Netxpress banner from 2000 to 2008. It has also helped develop case studies for corporations like Microsoft, the Higher Education Commission, and Intel among others including partnering with the Ministry of IT and Telecom as image consultants to develop telecom and technology programs for various media houses in Pakistan for print, radio, and television as well and was key in producing content for over a dozen such IT projects for the broadcast media in the past decade.

Rasala Publications has extremely strong contacts within the technology and media community in general. Rasala Publications in conjunction with the USA-based IDG, the world’s largest technology media house, launched IDG’s premier franchise CIO in Pakistan in August 2008, a brand that has quickly become the biggest tech media brand within a short span of time, recognized by anyone in the technology ecosystem. Salaina heads the planning, launch, and partnerships program with these key IDG products at Rasala Publications Group.

CIO has become the market leader in creating B2B connections between the IT buyer and IT vendor community and is being engaged by top brands such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Emerson, APCC, Symantec, Nokia, Dell, and Novell amongst several others on both an enterprise as well as consumer-level to help develop a stronger reach to their customer base.

With more than 85 events, 4000 online videos, several case studies, and other lead generation programs, CIO is the preferred marketing partner for these and many other brands. With its critical success in Pakistan IDG is now increasing its footprint with Rasala into the Afghanistan market with the launch of CIO Afghanistan as well as increasing its current portfolio in Pakistan with the active launch of the world-renowned brand PC World.