Entrepreneurs Of Pakistan

Hannia Zia – Founder of Digital Pakistan

The next on the list is Hannia Zia who is the founder of Digital Pakistan, an initiative of the Pakistani Government. Hannia Zia was the product manager who lead the pandemic technical response of the Pakistani government.

You must have heard the COVID19 ringtone that spreads awareness about COVID. The efforts of this lady Hannia Zia are behind this digital ringtone that millions of Pakistan hear every day.

Also, she developed a WhatsApp boot in seven different local languages to spread awareness about COVID19. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan acknowledged her efforts by giving her the WHENTK award. Receiving an honor from the Prime Minister at such a young age seems impossible. But the talent finds its way to turn impossible into possible. This is what Hannia Zia has achieved in her career at an early age.