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Shaheena Waqar-Social Activist and Founder of Women’s Aid Foundation.

Shaheena Waqar

Shaheena Waqar is a Pakistani social activist and founder of the Women’s Aid Foundation (WAF). She was born in Risalpur, a small town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. She established the WAF in 1997 with two other friends to help women in prison and provide them with vocational training.

The Women’s Aid Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support and rehabilitation to women in need. The organization focuses on women who are incarcerated, as well as those who are marginalized and living in poverty. The WAF offers a range of services, including vocational training, education, legal assistance, and medical care.

One of the primary goals of the Women’s Aid Foundation is to empower women by providing them with skills that they can use to support themselves and their families. Through the organization, Shaheena Waqar and her team teach women in prison how to sew, cook, and perform other useful skills. By doing so, they help to ensure that these women have a better chance of finding employment once they are released from prison.

Shaheena Waqar’s work with the Women’s Aid Foundation has had a significant impact on the lives of many women in Pakistan. Through her efforts, she has helped to improve the lives of women who have been marginalized and forgotten by society. Her organization has provided hope and support to women who would otherwise have little or no opportunity to succeed.