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Nabeel Qadeer- CEO of the Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub

Nabeel Qadeer

Nabeel Qadeer is a coach, entrepreneur, content producer, and author. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®) and Supply Chain Professional (SCPC).
Nabeel Qadeer is an entrepreneur, coach, content producer, and author based in Pakistan. He joined the Government of Punjab in 2012 with the goal of creating economic opportunities and helped establish Pakistan’s first technology start-up incubator, Plan9. He also worked on other projects such as PlanX, TechHub Connect, e-Rozgaar, Herself, and WhizKids, which aimed to support the youth and promote entrepreneurship. Additionally, he produced and hosted Idea Croron Ka, a business reality show that has committed PKR 510 million to support entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Nabeel has also been involved in digitally transforming the SME sector of Pakistan, and has held various roles such as Chairman and CEO of the Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub and Project Chair for the UNCTAD-Commonwealth Entrepreneurship Project for Pakistan. His focus is on making an impact by equipping the youth with the tools and skills to take responsibility and bring about positive change in Pakistan. He has taught leadership, entrepreneurship, and management at multiple universities, and recently authored a book called “This Book Is About YOU” to help individuals find their best selves.