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Zain Ashraf Mughal-Founder Of Seed Out

Zain Ashraf Mughal

31 was born and raised in Gujranwala. He is a social entrepreneur, Business executive, and philanthropist. Mr. Zain graduated in 2011 from the University of Miami USA with a major in Entrepreneurship and returned to Pakistan to do something good for his country and its people. Upon his return, he worked on his vision of providing quality and no-cost microfinance services to the poor and vulnerable segment of society. Taking note of the death of financial services available for the poverty-stricken masses, Mr. Zain Ashraf started Seed Out.

Seed Out, a Non-Profit Organization, was founded in 2013. As the founder and President of Seed Out, Zain Ashraf works on providing interest-free loans to deserving individuals living below the poverty line. Seed Out is one of the first interest-free crowdfunding platforms in Pakistan to leverage technology to fulfill its developmental aims and as a result, it has established a unique nexus between financial inclusion and technological advancement. The main mission of Seed Out is to provide self-enabling and inclusive entrepreneurial opportunities in an attempt to alleviate poverty and enable beneficiaries to live their lives with dignity via developing micro-enterprises. To date, Seed Out has supported the establishment of 1892 micro-entrepreneurs (60% males/40% females, including 43 differently-abled people & 4 trans persons) across 4 districts (Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala & Bahawalnagar), while impacting 9460 lives overall. Not only has this but Seed Out also enabled these families to send 5676 out-of-school children to school.

Mr. Zain Ashraf’s contribution is not limited to the developing world only, rather along with Seed Out Zain has great business acumen. He is the Founder/CEO, Accountant who has developed Pakistan’s 1st Cloud ERP solution for SMEs. An accountant is a cloud financial management platform, suitable for businesses of all sizes, built for better control over your financial matters.

He is also serving as Managing Director of Super Asia Group. It is a conglomerate of different businesses including Safe line Insulations, Super Asia Motors, Hardees Pakistan, Whirlpool Pakistan, Super City Housing Society, and Mall of Gujranwala which is a timeless roman architectural building and one-stop eating and leisure destination for the citizens of Gujranwala.

Zain has also been very actively involved in the development of Gujranwala city. He also led his vision into reality by erecting Pakistan’s largest alphabetical monument and a Selfie- Point called I LOVE GUJRANWALA (dimensions: 30ft/150ft) which added great value to the city. He along with his brothers has also converted Gujranwala’s garbage dumping site into a family and ladies’ recreational park for the general public in the interest of Gujranwala city and it is great value addition and beautification of the city.

He is also a promising restaurateur in acknowledging the fact that Pakistan lacks recreational activities and international standard home-grown restaurant brands which can be franchised across borders. He founded three state-of-the-art food chains including Tao Pan (Pan Asian Cuisine), Marinara (The Pizza Company), Desi Table (Pakistani Street Food) & Ground Zero which is Pakistan’s 1st Indoor tech-savvy Paintball Arena with a 360-degree immersive experience.